S2K Financials

Any successful ERP implementation begins and ends with solid accounting software functionality. VAI's Financial Management Software gives you the tools needed to process your day to day financial transactions, and gives you the information you need to tighten control over payables and receivables, improve cash flow, and react to business cycles. At the center of the system is the General Ledger application which allows the processing and analysis of financial accounting data posted from all the integrated modules. With the Report Writer feature you can easily create customized Income Statements and Balance Sheets. You can also create multiple styles of statements for use in reporting to banks, division managers, etc. Financial Statements can be consolidated for multiple companies, or multiple divisions. VAI's Financial Management Software provides you with a real-time in-depth look at your business’ performance and overall financial health.

Product Overview
  • Process day to day financial transactions
  • Improve cash flow
  • Process and analyze financial accounting data posted from all modules
  • Easily create customized income statements, balance sheets, and financial statements
  • Consolidate financial statements for multiple companies or divisions
Financial Modules
  • Accounts Payable Drive down costs, increase productivity, improve cash management, and improve vendor relations
  • Accounts Receivable Effectively manages cash flow, customer data issues and enables you to effortlessly track every aspect of your receivables in real time
  • Fixed Assets Track all your fixed assets with advanced fixed asset accounting, depreciation, and reporting features for companies needing effective decision-making tools
  • General Ledger Combines recurring entries, general journal entries, and collects data, resulting in a comprehensive database for all financial analysis.