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Integration of AgileElite and S2K improves rating, routing, planning, optimization, execution and reconciliation capabilities.

If you have ever been to an amusement park, a baseball game, or your town’s local fair, then chances are you have enjoyed a drink out of a Berk cup or a meal from a Berk to-go container. Berk Enterprises have been providing food service supplies for over half a century now, and with over 6,000 products on the market they are a leader in their industry.

That many products requires a lot of shipping. Berk Enterprises processes hundreds of parcel, LTL, TL and fleet shipments per week to over 4,500 customers. Berk wanted to streamline their shipping processes in order to reduce transportation costs and give them more visibility and control.

Because Berk works with 32 overseas suppliers and 142 domestic suppliers – using 12 different carriers in total - they wanted to find a way to streamline their shipping processes. What they needed was an automated, centralized system that could also manage and contain carrier costs.

Berk’s old approach involved manual processes such as using carrier-supplied systems and third party freight brokers. There was no method of comparing transportation options across multiple modes of delivery and no routing to determine the best cost or time in transit. All processes were previously conducted offline from VAI’s S2K ERP application. After consulting with VAI, Berk identified Agile Network as a prime candidate to provide a comprehensive transportation solution.

Agile was selected based on their best practices approach to measuring, controlling and reducing transportation costs by leveraging their AgileElite transportation management system. Close attention was also paid to Agile’s ability to implement rapidly and provide seamless integration to VAI’s S2K ERP application.


Established in 1946, Berk Enterprises ( is an industry-leading provider of plastic, paper and biodegradable food service disposables, janitorial products and concession supplies. With over 6,000 SKUs, Berk’s mission is to provide superior products and service to their customers by exceeding expectations through operational excellence.


  • Manual and offline processes used
  • No control or visibility of transportation costs
  • No method of comparing options across multiple modes of delivery
  • No method to measure, verify or contain carrier costs


  • Rapid implementation
  • Seamless integration to VAI S2K
  • Reduction of transportation costs
  • Control and standardization of processes
  • Accurate freight quotes up front
  • Reduction of employee resources and errors in invoice reconciliation
  • Eliminated the need for an LTL freight broker

Berk identified the following key system requirements:

  • Tight integration to VAI’s S2K ERP application, residing on the IBM iSeries
  • Deployment of Agile software as invisible components behind the scenes of VAI's S2K application
  • Control and visibility of transportation costs using a best practices methodology
  • Ability to control the parcel life cycle process
  • Ability to identify late and lost shipments and provide complete reconciliations


Agile-Network, a nationwide provider of integrated logistics systems, is in the process of implementing AgileElite, a suite of enterprise logistics visibility and control solutions that promises to exceed all of Berk’s requirements and expectations.

The Agile solution is deployed in stages as a comprehensive transportation services platform with behind-the-scenes, invisible integration to VAI’s S2K application.

AgileShip provides manifesting of parcel, LTL, TL and fleet shipments. AgileRoute provides rating and routing of orders. AgileAudit, one of the first components to be implemented, controls the parcel life cycle process and is responsible for identifying late and lost shipments along with providing complete reconciliation of carrier invoices.

AgileFreight was deployed as the front-facing solution for the handling of all LTL and TL transactions, allowing for the quoting, booking, tendering, delivery status and invoice reconciliation.

The deployment process involved a rapid rollout of AgileAudit (immediate) and AgileFreight (two weeks) components, with the remaining components following in stages.


The integration of AgileElite and VAI’s S2K has so far vastly improved rating, routing, planning, optimization, execution and reconciliation capabilities. This has resulted in a reduction of employee resources and errors in invoice reconciliation, and has provided transportation visibility and control that will set the stage for renegotiation of their carrier contracts providing a 10-20% reduction of transportation costs. The return on investment is estimated to be less than one year.

With Agile and VAI working together, Berk has gained a seamless transportation and ERP system. As Dan Bivona, Sales Director at VAI, says; “VAI strives to incorporate innovative solutions such as provided by Agile to help our customers become more profitable. We believe the Agile solution interfaced to VAI S2K Enterprise enhances our offerings to existing customers and prospects considering an ERP Solution.”

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